Summer Diet Tips

Mercury levels are climbing and summer is at its summit, and the scorching sun gives us different reasons to always hunt for calming foods that could comfort us in sunlight. You might get dehydrated easily as a result of excessive perspiration and thats time when you look enjoy reaching out for something cold such as sodas, drinks or cold water. That is the place we go wrong because anything really low in temperature may constrict our blood vessels affecting the heat reduction procedure from our body.

Diet specialist Neha Chandna, a well-known dietitian provides a couple of pointers to bear in mind in summer time.

Increase your water intake. That’s the reasons why you should drink enough water periodically even when you’re not thirsty, to cool your system. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, raw salads and gently spiced foods. Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and high in water content which assists in hydration.

Avoid junk and fried foods since they take the time to digest and demand a good deal of water. Spicy foods may also increase body heat.

Drink obviously cooling drinks like coconut water, lemon juice, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, etc. As opposed to aerated soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol as they contain sugar along with other additives that act as diuretics and may cause loss of water in the body.

You may add sabja to drinks as it’s got a cooling effect on the body. Curd is great for summers because it raises friendly bacteria in the intestine and enhances digestion and promotes immunity.

Insert vegetarianism such as cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, carrots, beet, to include to improve the water content inside your body.

Avoid heavy foods at the same time as it might lead to acidity and influence digestion. Instead, eat modest meals to feel mild and maintain your own body active.

Raw mango is a special fruits in the summer season and can be extremely great to avoid sunstroke and weakness.

Raw mango juice also referred to as aam panna might help balance electrolytes within the body. You may also have raw mango in any form like adding it in bhel, salads or make a dish out of it.

Heres a sample summer diet which you could follow:

  • Breakfast: Eat 2-3 fresh fruits as they might help to neutralize stomach acids and make you feel light and active. They’re natural energy sources.
  • Mid morning: Have a glass of buttermilk & coconut water to refresh you.
  • Lunch: Have a bowl of salad with 1-2 rotis, vegetarianism and thin dals.
  • Evening: Have fruit yoghurt& fruit smoothie. They’re filling, nourishing and very cooling.
  • Dinner: Always have a light dinner, particularly during summers.

Here are some options. Stir fried veggies, chilled soups + grilled chicken, steamed fish, low fat paneer, tofu + jaljeera,  lemon juice. The aforementioned diet is low in fat, moderate in protein and high in great complex carbohydrates which help control obesity, blood pressure level, cholesterol and several other ailments.

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