Cosmetic Dentistry – Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentist’s shares the way newest advances in dental technologies may assist your patients have a more self-confident grin in one simple visit.

In this new series, the identical Day Smile Makeover, the aim is to share how newest advances in dental technologies may assist your patients have a more self-confident grin in one simple visit. There is 1 caveat I wish to talk with you about providing same day smile makeover solutions for patients.

Quite frankly this is not always possible and you might discover that careful patient choice is the secret in doing exactly the same-day smile makeover.

Additionally, it requires good tuning your individual instruction methods to inform, educate and inspire patients about the benefits of the new treatment modality. Once you learn how to both perform the procedure and teach your patients about its advantages, you will notice an increase in interest & demand from your patient population pool.

Getting started – Incorporating the same-day smile makeover system in your practice demands a number of new skill sets. The first key begins with attitude. That does not imply that conventional cosmetic dentistry is better, or worse, for the patients.

If a patient is interested in bettering their grin and having 1 or 2 two teeth changed relative to the size, appearance or shape, which service would you typically offer you first to your patient?

After performing a comprehensive evaluation and assessing for cosmetic, restorative together with other factors you will likely agree that if you are like most of our co-workers, you would begin with teeth whitening. That’s fairly traditional treatment for a case like this. Whiten the tooth first and after that place veneers to match. After the patient returns you will likely use & do many of the procedures listed below to provide the patient with a patina to complete their smile makeover:

  • Wax-up
  • computer image
  • Tooth preparation
  • Depth cutters
  • Indexes
  • Soft tissue retraction
  • Impression
  • Articulators
  • Face bow transfer
  • Temporaries
  • Shade selection

The list goes on and on.

Unless of course you’ve an in house laboratory, most patients will be seen again for a try-in appointment in about fourteen days. Following the veneer is returned from the laboratory, you’ll try it in to check for size, shape and colour considerations. Along with the advantages of in office teeth whitening, instant smile transformations could be possible. That was a lot to accomplish, but having refined several bonding systems for dentist manufacturers, having invented & patented one of the original OTC tooth whiteners that started todays whitening explosion and knowing the technical and procedural issues with porcelain veneers put me in an unique situation to tackle that challenge. Over the last twenty years I worked on developing precisely this system, which allows dentists to provide patients with same day smile makeovers.

Does this mean that I never use the conventional approach and do not do the whitening first? The answer is definitely not.

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