Integration of MID in the dental curriculum

If MID is to make an impact in supporting the aim of ‘Teeth for Life’, it ought to be included in the dental curriculum. As a literature search did not reveal sufficient information on the state of integration of Minimal Intervention Dentistry into dental curricula, a survey was carried out amongst 50 dental schools in 50 countries via the internet. Unfortunately, the response rate was rather low: only 12 schools responded. This reveals that MID has been introduced to students mainly during their clinical education years in the subjects ‘restorative dentistry’ and/or ‘paediatric dentistry’, and/or ‘preventive dentistry’ and/or ‘cariology’. It was not possible to obtain reliable data on the content of the lectures or on whether MID was effectively taught and had made a difference.

Survey results on MID application in undergraduate curricula
It is suggested that Policy Statements of the FDI and those of other major dental (educational) institutions should support and advocate the incorporation of the principles of MID across the entire dental curriculum. It is important that faculty lecturers and clinical instructors are open to accepting changes in patient care based on evidence-based research findings. Current and future dental professionals should recognize themselves as oral physicians and counselors rather than only dental surgeons.

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