Intraoral Camera: A Game Changer invention for Dentists

Every once in a while an innovation to come irrevocably changes the game.

For dentists one of the most important recent developments must be the intraoral camera. Two of the main reasons why it quickly replaces tooth mirror is on the one hand the magnification factor, and on the other the possibility to share the image with the patient about live videos on a TV or computer screen.

The magnifying factor allows dentists to detect detail such as threshold cracks and caries much easier than before. What would be able to share pictures with their patients, the old proverb of a picture more than a thousand words of painting could no longer be suitable.

The acceptance of patients of dental procedures has so far depended on the trust and communication between dentist and patient. For dentists, this is very difficult to achieve with just words, but now with live video and the ability to demonstrate the confidence factor will immediately progressive dental conditions.

If patients clearly see the defects suggesting a dental treatment, they will take your recommendations without question. This massive thrust when adopted by the use of an intraoral camera is certainly the main reason for the popularity of these ubiquitous gadgets.

You could probably find that any intraoral camera is better than none at all. but you should still evaluate your investment carefully. Some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an intraoral camera are image quality, durability and compatibility.

Dental x-rays and panoramic x-rays are useful and effective diagnostic tools that allow the dentist to perform a complete oral examination. The intraoral camera is a small digital camera that allows high-resolution photography in the mouth. It provides accurate images of teeth and gums as well as the entire oral cavity. The recordings are reproduced on a screen for viewing and analyzing the actual situation of the patient.

A precision high-tech tool

The intra-oral digital camera is an effective technology. The images it produces provide accurate information that allows you to see the details with each shot.

There are different models of intra-oral cameras, with wire or wireless. The wireless model allows a better mobility and the camera is therefore easier to use. It makes it possible to reach even the most inaccessible areas, those which are difficult to see with the help of the mirror.

Some models are ultra sophisticated and can integrate with high-performance imaging software and high-resolution HD.

The camera is equipped with an intuitive lighting system and does not require any manual adjustment by the practitioner.

An effective solution to detect caries

The dentist can scan the teeth with the camera and detect the presence of cavities, and even the onset of a decay that is not yet visible at the mouth inspection.

As an option, some cameras are equipped with polarizing filters that eliminate unwanted reflections and give an image of perfect sharpness.

The dentist can also detect the presence of tartar deposits hidden behind the teeth and check the condition of the gums in order to avoid gingivitis and periodontitis.

The advantages of the intraoral camera are numerous:

  • Anticipation of problems thanks to the clear visualization of the dentition of the patient,
  • Prevention treatment set up with patient collaboration,
  • Monitoring and verification of the evolution of the patient’s oral health.

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