Recover Your Smile With Dentures

The dentures are a set of few or all ceramic or acrylic teeth which are placed in place of the missing teeth.

Who likes a mouth with a few or no teeth?

No one. So each one of us is very conscious of our teeth and gums.

A denture not only gives a sense of confidence and self-esteem but also a beautiful and gorgeous smile to flaunt. There are mainly four types of denture. They are fixed dentures, removable dentures, partial denture and complete dentures.

According to the case of the patient and their requirement, according to the patient or dentist, the dentures are delivered. A whole lot of counselling is required before proceeding for any kind of denture.

The complete dentures are given to patients who have lost all their teeth. They are mostly removable dentures. A rather long procedure is applied to get an excellent well fitted denture which can be used for esthetics purpose as well as masticating purpose without any problems or overwhelming feeling of something additional in the mouth.

Partial dentures are indicated for the patients who have a few missing teeth. The partial dentures too fall under the removable dentures category but there is a lot of care taken so that there is no harm to the adjacent teeth or they do not get any pressure from the false teeth.

Fixed dentures are an advanced and an efficient solution for people who are uncomfortable with the removable dentures as it always comes with a fear of a sudden embarrassment in the public of being dislodged from its place, though this doesn’t happen always. People who prefer teeth to be permanently in the oral cavity should go for fixed dentures. By the means of bridges and luting cement, they get fastened in the oral cavity replacing the missing teeth and making a few abutment teeth. They are not only fixed but very feasible cost-wise.

Removable dentures are the once which are used for the replacement of few or many teeth inside the oral cavity. It helps in proper mastication, balances the upper and lower teeth central position and makes up for the receded gums. However, they are made in such a way that one can easily remove them at their ease, wash it, clean it and again wear it. This liberty of choosing his own ease time helps an individual to select time for wearing the denture or not. The removable dentures are the cheapest form of dentures among all its contemporaries.

Dentures are the most conventional and the most non-invasive procedures in dentistry that satisfy the most basic needs i.e.   Eating properly and smiling. Dentures do have a few drawbacks like accumulating fungus inside or underneath them and getting dislodged from its place. Other than that if taken proper care of, will keep you anxiety free for a longer time. properly cleaning the mouth and the removable dentures with soap solution will keep it clean and bacteria free for a long time.

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