Future of Dentistry and Dental Care

Remember the biggest childhood nightmare?

That you are sitting in from of many lights and someone is poking into your teeth with huge and frightening tools and then you get to know that you are in the dental clinic.

The someone who was checking your mouth was, in reality, is a dentist and then he will ban your favorite eating items if you have found with any cavity.

Moreover, to it, he will tell your mom to look whether you are brushing your teeth regularly or not and also order to brush twice. It is such a horrible nightmare which a child ever saw.

But if you have any problem you have to go to the dentist to prevent your teeth from the further problem. Experts say and maybe you have heard in your childhood that your parents saying that “oral health is somehow connected to the overall health of the body”.

It is not just a saying instead it is a truth.

Now you don’t have to go to take various sessions to maintain your dental care. Dentistry has adopted various new technologies today, which can give instant and effective results.

Dentistry has reached to this stage that now a person at the age of 80 can grow new teeth, don’t believe let’s see some of the modern technology that dentistry will adopt in the future to grow in coming time.

Smart Toothbrush-

At this period of technology our homes are filled with new technology and smart devices, why would not our bathroom?

At first, it will feel a little bit strange to use a toothbrush with the sensor, but when you get habitual it will feel like a normal toothbrush.

A smart electronic toothbrush makes sure that you are brushing your teeth in a right way.

After some, it will become like an interesting game you are playing. This toothbrush combines with various sensors in the handle so that it can track how you are brushing your teeth. As you brush your teeth, it will show on the screen that how you are brushing your teeth, whether you are brushing particular teeth much or too little.

Augmented Reality-

As the “Pokemon GO” game become so famous and used worldwide, similarly, Augmented Reality also has the strength to transform the world especially in the world of healthcare.

The Teledentistry-

If you do not want to see a dentist, imagine how difficult it is for a child, a patient with a special need, or an old person in a sanatorium.

Another problem is distance: people living in rural areas have little chance to enter the dentist, almost never have the possibility of choosing. With the spread of television, this may have changed a lot. It provides easier access to care for the patient, much cheaper for the patient – rather than expensive treatment, it turns to cheap preventive practices, and allow the patient to consult other unavailable medical professionals.

Intra-Oral camera-

The biggest inconvenience of a dentist’s chair is that if you cannot open your mouth, the doctor still does, but he cannot see what he wants to see, even in the famous dental mirror. Both the patient and the doctor suffer. Intra-Oral camera is a good solution to this exact problem. By the help of it, the doctor can easily see inside the mouth without doing much hard work.

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